• The Harsh environment of the shaft surrounded by steel and the constant motion of the elevator,  normally results in poor video signals !

  • Our all-new Wireless camera systems transmits high resolution digital video images with smoothness and high clarity.

  • The Camera is mounted in the corner of the roof / false ceiling of the Elevator car.

  • Wireless Transmitter-Reciever used to send -receive the signal

  • Can work with Multiple elevator cars & other IP cameras in a networked system

  • Signal undisturbed by temperature variations, Dust & humidity.

  • Branded material used for cameras, wiring, etc

  • 12 months free warranty & maintenance

  • Digitally secured network data-stream

  • Installed with minimum down time

  • IR for use in poor lighting conditions

  • Adheres to safety standards

  • Elevator AMC unaffected

  • Low power usage

  • Solid Post sales support

  • Future-technology proof

  • Long-term economical solution compared to any wired solution.                          

Any Brand 

Any Floor height

Our Claim 

....enjoy HD quality image !

Low maintenance

 No dangerous dangling Cables

Ultra-wide angled lens for Max coverage

No connections to the elevator -Mechanics                                                 





Absolutely CLEAR & STILL image ...  at whatever height of the building

Undisputed excellence in Quality, Material and Service 

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